Annual awards EMILY 2023

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Meet the judges - Maya Abbedissen


Maya Abbedissen also responded to the invitation to become part of our judges for the categories Manicure, Pedicure and Design Manicure. Here is...

Meet the judges - Lina Valerieva


Here comes the moment to tell you about Lina Valerieva who is a judge for categories Manicure, Pedicure and Design Manicure and for the first time...

Meet the judges - Daniela Koleva


We continue presenting our judges in EMILY Annual Awards 2021. Today we’ll reveal a little bit more about Daniela Koleva who is part of the...

Meet the judges - Maria Koleva


Our interview series continue! It’s time to present Maria Koleva – part of Therapeutic Pedicure’s jury. What made you choose...

The role of the judges


We make efforts to offer a new exciting and satisfactory experience to every participant in the EMILY Annual Awards competition. Even in 2019...

Meet the judges - Albena Tyutyuncheva


We’ve already presented one of the judges in category Therapeutic Pedicure. Now you’ll meet with another professional – Albena...

Meet the judges - Rumyana Rabotova


We suppose that every participant is interested in meeting the judges who will evaluate his work in EMILY Annual Awards 2021. This year the...

Little tips for great results


The good light is obligatory for achieving the perfect shot – intense, white and well directed. Don’t forget that the reflection of the...


"Annual awards EMILY " is a dream come true! A competition that showcases the best of the best professional manicurists and pedicurists. The format is implemented in an online platform where participants voluntarily create their own profile and photo gallery in order to promote their professional activity and attract new clients.

In this platform, every manicurist and pedicurist can show their best manicure and pedicure designs and models that they have personally made in their professional practice.